Navigate Your Path

Seeking, Navigating, And Following Your Chosen Path

“What am I supposed to do with my life?”
“What is my purpose?”
“What is my calling?”
“Do I even really have a calling?”

These are big questions that we all ask. We all want to feel like we have a purpose. We all want to feel like we have a path and a direction. It’s just so hard to discover what it is.

Would you like to learn how to discover God’s plan and path for your life? Do you have to be in full-time ministry to serve God? If you want the answers to these questions and more, join me for Navigate Your Path on Wednesday, January 26th at 7:30 pm PST.

This webinar is designed for those who are looking to find and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. God has imbued each of us with gifts and talents that he wants us to use, and together we will learn how!

Meet Sheréa VéJauan, The Facilitator of Navigate Your Path

Sheréa VéJauan (Pronounced shuh-RAY VAY-jahn) is an entrepreneur, podcast host and workshop presenter. She is a published author of over eleven books and journals. She is the co-founder of The Goal Setter’s Club - a coaching organization that specializes in goal-setting exploration, plan implementation, and purpose attainment.

Sheréa is also a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker with the John C. Maxwell Team and certified DISC Behavioral Analyst. She resides in Southern California, a devoted wife of thirty years and mother to three adult children. Visit her at

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The Goal Setter's Club

Order My Steps

There’s an old song that says “Order my steps in Your Word dear Lord.”

Christians do believe that God has ordered each of our steps. He has laid out a path for us to walk. Now we must choose to walk in it.

This webinar, Navigate Your Path, will cover topics such as how to consult God when making career decisions, how you can be a missionary regardless of your profession, whether your purpose is the same as your profession, and how to identify the spiritual gifts that God has given you for his service.

Sign up today and learn how to identify and walk in the steps that God has laid out for your life!

Share this experience with friends and family to offer them the opportunity to radically change their lives by identifying God’s purpose for their lives!

I Can’t Wait to Share with You on Wednesday, January 26th at 7:30 pm PST!